Featured Vocalist
Bruce L. Johnson

Born and raised in Starkville, Mississippi, Bruce Johnson moved to and attended high school in Indianapolis, Indiana.  After graduation he joined the U.S. Marines, and spent the next seven years living and traveling around the world, finishing his military service in Paris, France, which he has now called home for the last twenty years.

His musical talent declared itself relatively late when, while stationed in Zaire, he met a local music group and turned a part-time pleasure into a full-time vocation.  Bruce was quickly absorbed by the Parisian music scene, which proved to be a wonderful canvas on which to hone his vocal art.  Bruce has been inspired by and shared the stage with many great musicians -- Al Levitt (of Stan Getz), Gus Nameth (with Keith Jarret), and Onzy Matthews (of Ray Charles).

Bruce Johnson is currently in rehearsal for a musical called "The Gospel Truth" which will debut in Paris in December 2002.