Janine Carter

After several years in France adapting French texts to English for pop artists, writing lyrics "for hire" to pre-existing musical themes, Janine Carter finally moved her work-base back to her native New York where she was again able to find her quiet but unique voice.

Her first play, "What Light from Darkness Grows..." a period piece set in 1858, was both rewarding and exhausting to research.  "This is a turn I never expected my creative energies to take," she reports.  "Now that the play's been Off- Broadway and as we move on to the next stage, I realize yet again that I write because I have to; because I am so impassioned by the power of words, and because there's always another point of view to be explored.  I guess those are the same reasons I love to do stage-work -- or for that matter, anything else."

Ms. Carter is finalizing background research for a project targeted for proposal as a 2 hour film-for-television.  The story is a highly charged legal drama surrounding the apparent suicide of a newly married, ostensibly untroubled, young woman of good family, who, unbeknownst to her husband, had just discovered she was pregnant with their first child.  Set circa 1970, the cause revealed of the young woman's sudden and tragic death leads to an explosion of social, cultural and legal conflict.

Janine Carter is looking to develop a story for an independent sci-fi short with the right collaborator.  She is also in the early planning stages of the first public presentation of her poetic writings -- outlining venue choices for a 6-month, multimedia showcase in 2003.

The playwright Janine Carter is a member of
the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.
Contact the playwright at whatlight_2000@yahoo.com